Tarifa Kitesurf Camp

Kitesurf camp is the fastest and the most pleasant way to reach perfection in your beloved sport. Fabulous nature, ideal weather conditions together with professional and caring instructors make it easy to challenge yourself and go for the best results.

Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, on the southernmost coast of Spain. The town is located on the Costa de la Luz ("coast of light") and across the Straits of Gibraltar facing Morocco. The municipality includes Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost point in continental Europe. There are four smaller villages which depend economically on Tarifa. They are Tahivilla, Facinas, Bolonia and Zahara de los Atunes. Discover Tarifa on Google Maps

Tarifa where we invite you is every surfer‘s dream. This place of amazing beauty perfectly fits for all kitesurfers – from beginners to more advanced and professionals. During the season, particularly from February till the end of October, when the winds are the strongest, Tarifa is flooded by with kitesurfers. Their joy because of fair wind and sun is all around, it seems you can feel it in the air.

It is very important, that in Tarifa kitesurfers can enjoy both flat and wave riding. That makes kiteboarding here even more exciting. Also there is a special shallow area for beginners.

Tarifa is known for good wind conditions for beginners as well as advanced kiteboarders.
After a successful kitesession cozy restaurants, bars and clubs invite one to go out in the evening.
Tarifa is the perfect spot to learn, improve kitesurfing or just hangout and have a good time.

Weather and wind conditions in Tarifa

Summer: Warm and dry almost every day
In summer the weather is warm and sunny every day. The strong winds can make the average temperature in Tarifa drop considerably, if compared to other places in Spain. Don't forget your jumper even in summer; at night temperatures tend to drop and it may even be a bit chilly.

Winter: From T-shirts to snow
In winter it rains very often. Temperatures drop drastically at night, although some days can surprise you with spectacular sunshine and great temperatures. At night, the cold due to the high level of humidity can be very intense and penetrating. Even though the actual temperature is not that low, the use of thick winter jackets and anoraks is a must; you will be surprised by the cold!

Levante: Flat waters and stormy winds from the east
The south-easterly Levante is a warm wind that blows day and night. When Levante is stronger, it forms cumulus clouds on the mountains to the east of Tarifa. It usually takes one windy day to pick up and blow steadily. It tends to last for some days and ends abruptly. The Levante winds in Tarifa are slightly offshore and therefore bring with them a pretty flat sea. On very strong Levante days (8 Beauforts or more), surfers head for Caños de Meca. There you will find very good waves, and a bit less wind.

Poniente: Nice waves and big sails
In summer the weaker Poniente winds from the west prevail. These blows from the Atlantic and form waves, mostly during the winter. On hot and sunny days the thermal effect of the coast makes the Poniente, mainly in the bay of Valdevaqueros, stronger. It blows strongest between approx. 15:00 to 18:00 giving rise to colder temperatures. It also stops very suddenly. If you intend to go surfing after 18:00 you may find that the wind has died down completely and you might have to opt for going for a jog instead.

Southerly: The winter wind which may bring rain Wind from the south blows fully onshore and creates high waves. If you don't want to get washed ashore every time, carry your equipment up to Punta Paloma. The southerly wind often blows in intervals of about half an hour alternating with incoming rain fronts. As there is no other wind at the same time, you have to get up early as it will drop around 14:00.

Joy is all around

What to do after the day of kitesurfing? We will strengthen the undimmed emotions of the day while watching the exclusive video coverage of your training sessions. We will analyze your ride, the tricks you've performed and we will work out all the mistakes. Then we will wait for the next day and the next opportunity to inflate your kite with impatience. If you still have enough energy and wish to go out, Tarifa, the place we are living in, is famous not only for a boundless golden beach but also for amazing beach parties bars and night club's.

One guy, who has never tried kitesurfing or surfing, said: „Tari is a special place. You have to go there just to dig your toes into the golden sand and feel the waves wash over them. Seeing plenty of amazing surfers there, you realise how outstanding that place is. There are the most wondrous sunsets ever. And also... remind the girls to braid their hair. It‘s windy there“.

A week-long stay at Kitesurfing Camp consists of:
• 5 days of kitesurfing training sessions
personal evaluation of your kitesurfing abilities
radio helmets instruction
advice of a professional trainer (owner of the IKO certificate)
a DVD with your personal kitesurfing photos
*Yoga classes for choice